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Thayambaka the Natural coffee that defines the profile of Taza from the coffee growing region of Kerala, India, green and ready to roast.

We explain what you want to know about Thayambaka coffee

  1. It is a coffee that its cup profile is chocolatey
  2. Its key descriptor in aroma and flavor is spicy.
  3. Other descriptors that complete its organoleptic profile are cocoa and nuts.
  4. It is an ideal coffee for extraction in mocha, espresso and capsules.
  5. It has an overall Q Robustness scale score of 78.75 points.
  6. Its acidity has a low intensity and a moderate aftertaste.
  7. It has a full-bodied intensity
  8. It is a coffee that is cultivated in the Himalayan Monsoon coffee geography, in the Indian coffee origin and in the coffee growing region of Kerala.
  9. It is a coffee of the robusta species
  10. It is an organic coffee that we have processed in natural aerobically and dried in the sun in patios.
Thayambaka green coffee sack from the Kerala region of India




Coffee growers and producers


Coffee Districts


Hectares with coffee trees
Henna painted hands holding a coffee cup

We explain the how and why of Thayambaka coffee growers and producers.

Thayambaka is produced by a cooperative of coffee growers in the coffee growing region of Kerala in India.

This agricultural cooperative grows with the intention of taking over and updating the Organic Certification program and reorganizing the agricultural activities of the group of producers, with the motto of sustainable development and the legitimate participation of these small producers through the responsible commercialization of organically grown coffee.
The cooperative’s mission is to organize and empower the farming community to develop an unbeatable supply chain with a broad standard of quality products to meet the needs of customers, through the process of participatory development along with innovative technologies and added value without neglecting the legitimate market share of small farmers.

Pandi Melam is an organic coffee from the Neutrals range.

Roaster we explain in brief the advantages of roasting green coffee from the Neutrals range of Mare Terra Green Coffee

They are reliable and dependable Robusta coffees – A neutral and well defined cup profile – Optimal quality and stability for blends – Solid profile and key descriptor from harvest to harvest – Traceability to coffee growing region – Stable roast for a systematized profile – Maximum number of defects 10 per 350 gr – Minimum score +78 for Q Robusta – Unification of packaging to 60 kg to optimize logistics and handling – Price subject to exchange – Availability of contracts per harvest – Marketing territory in exclusive…

The coffee region where we produce our Thayambaka coffee

We explain briefly what the coffee growing region of Kerala in India is like.

  • It has 29 coffee-growing districts
  • The estimated population is 34.63 million inhabitants.
  • Its surface area is 38,863 km².
  • Produces 23% of the total coffee in the country
  • 17,5000 hectares are cultivated with coffee trees.
  • It occupies the 2nd place as the country’s coffee growing region.
  • More than 45,000 families are engaged in coffee farming
  • The altitude of coffee cultivation in the region is between 700 and 1,200 meters above sea level.
  • The most harvested varietals are Kent, S795, Cauvery and Sln9.
  • Harvest months are from December to February.
Coffee in bags transported by canoe

A selection of our green coffees that we import and distribute from the Neutrals range of Mare Terra Green Coffee.

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