Golden Huila

A coffee of love and pride chosen by nature

Golden Huila the washed coffee that defines the Cup profile of the coffee growing region of Huila, Colombia, in green and ready to roast.

We explain what you want to know about the coffee of love and pride chosen by nature.

  1. It is a coffee that its cup profile is chocolatey
  2. Its key descriptor in aroma and flavor is citrus.
  3. Other descriptors that complete its organoleptic profile are chocolate and stone fruits.
  4. It is an ideal coffee for extraction in mocha, espresso and capsules.
  5. It has an overall score according to the SCA scale of 84 points
  6. Its acidity is citric and its intensity is medium high
  7. It has a medium intensity body and is creamy to the touch
  8. It is a coffee that is grown in the Dorsal Andina coffee geography, in the Colombian coffee origin and in the Huila coffee region
  9. It is a coffee of the Arabica species and a blend of the Castillo, Caturra and Colombia varietals
  10. It is a coffee that we have processed with the Traditional Washed method -washed and fermented-, with an aerobic fermentation and we have driedit in a mixed way: in the sun in canopies and mechanically in drying sheds.
Sack of Golden Huila green coffee from the region of Huila, Colombia.
golden huila_rueda descriptors

All the data to be able to value in depth the Huila coffee with its own name: Golden Huila.

Golden Huila Coffee Infographic Technical Data Sheet




Coffee growers and producers


Coffee Districts


Hectares with coffee trees
Plantación de café verde en Etiopía en un valle de la región cafetera de Tolima

Learn more about the coffee growers and producers of Golden Huila coffee.

Golden Huila is produced by a collective of coffee growers in the coffee-growing region of Huila in Colombia.

This cooperative is a project of more than 3,000 coffee-growing families in central Huila. The coffee beans are carefully selected by trained coffee growers with great experience in the world of coffee growing.

Golden Huila, a coffee of love and pride chosen by nature

A coffee that became a legend for its quality and now has its own name

Golden Huila is a story of admiration. Eladio loved his daughter and his coffee and took sweet care of them both. Golden Huila is the coffee of the golden antlered deer that comes to the coffee plantations to bite the red cherries at their optimum ripening point. This is Eladio’s coffee, whose coffee plantations were distinguished with the Golden Huila qualification by the Cooperative, making each sip a moment of intimate satisfaction.

Colombia-Fanzine-Golden Huila

Golden Huila is a coffee of the Terras range.

Roaster we will briefly explain the advantages of roasting green coffee from the Terras de Mare range Terra Green Coffee

They have: A well-defined cup profile and identified with the coffee region where they are produced – A broad spectrum key descriptor that is easy to recognize and adopt by the consumer – Interannual stability of the cup profile and key descriptor – A roast with minimal variations for a systematized profile – Maximum number of defects 10 per 350 gr – Specialty score by the SCA – Variety of processes and coffee regions in each origin – Unification of 60 kg containers to optimize logistics and handling – Price subject to stock exchange – Availability of contracts by harvest – Exclusive marketing territory.

The coffee region where we produce our Golden Huila coffee

We will explain in brief what the coffee region of Huila in Colombia is like

  • It has 35 coffee districts
  • The estimated population is 1.1 million inhabitants
  • Its area is 19,890 km²
  • Produces 16.78% of the country’s total coffee
  • 144,896 hectares are cultivated with coffee trees
  • It ranks 1st as a coffee region in the country
  • More than 84,000 families are dedicated to coffee growing
  • The altitude of coffee cultivation in the region is between 1,200 and 1,800 meters above sea level.
  • The most harvested varietals are Castillo, Cenicafé 1, Colombia and Tabi
  • The months of the main harvest are from October to January and the mitaca from May to June
  • Huila coffee has a protected designation of origin – PDO
La región cafetalera de Tolima

A selection of our green coffees that we import and distribute from the Terras de Mare Terra Green Coffee range

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