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Santa Monica Farm

A modern vision of coffee growing

Santa Monica coffee farm detail by detail

How each green coffee bean is cultivated, processed and harvested at the Santa Monica farm.

The Santa Monica Farm, owned by Jean Vilhena Faleiros, is located in the coffee growing region of Alta Mogiana, in the district of Ibiraci, the characteristics of the farm are privileged due to the microclimate of its location.
The coffees are grown under temporary shade provided by the trees on the farm, at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level.
With a total surface area of 240 hectares, Jean and his team dedicate 180 hectares to coffee production.

Crop data at the farm

  1. The varietals planted on the farm are Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Bourbon, Catucaí, Arara, Paraso, Topazio, Aranã, Catigua, Icatu, Acaia, Geisha, Maragojipe and Pacamara.

  2. The average age of the coffee trees is 15 years.

  3. Coffee trees develop in asandy soil type.

  4. The drip irrigation system is the one Jean uses on his farm.

  5. The type of cultivation on the farm is mixed, pruning is traditional and fruit harvesting is manual -Strip Picking- and mechanical -Stripping and Selective-.


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Coffee trees





Green coffee producer Jean Vilhena Faleiros, from the coffee growing region of Alta Mogiana, Brazil.

Producer Jean Vilhena Faleiros

“My dream is for my farms to be recognized worldwide”

My dedication to coffee growing begins since I was born, because God chose me to be born in Ibiraci in the region of Morro Alto, which for me is one of the best places to produce specialty coffees in Brazil”.

Location of Santa Monica Coffee Farm


Coffee Geography


Coffee Origin

Upper Mogiana

Coffee Region


Coffee District

The Santa Monica coffee farm, a history of coffee trees and coffees

Coffee tree of the Santa Monica farm at the coffee origin Brazil

The History of Santa Monica

A farm that bets on advances in its facilities for the production of coffees

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