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El Edén Farm

Effort and dedication to the land

El Edén coffee farm detail by detail

How each green coffee bean is grown, processed and harvested at the El Edén farm.

The El Edén farm , owned by William Parra, is located in the coffee growing region of Huila, in the coffee growing district of Guadalupe.
The coffees grow under native shade provided by the trees on the farm, at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level.
With a total area of 7.5 hectares, there are 5 hectares cultivated with coffee trees by William Parra.

Crop data at the farm

  1. The varietals planted on the farm are Caturra, Catuaí, Colombia, Bourbon rosé and Castillo.

  2. The average age of the coffee trees is 5 years.

  3. Coffee trees develop in a type of stony soil and black earth.

  4. Rainfall is the irrigation system that William Parra uses on his farm.

  5. The type of cultivation on the farm is under native shade and fruit is harvested by hand.


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Coffee trees





Coffees produced at the El Edén farm by William Parra and his team

All the coffees cultivated by William Parra have been carefully processed in its production chain where the nutrition of the coffee trees, the harvesting of ripe beans and the use of clean water for washing are taken into account. These are some of the processes that are carried out at the El Edén farm to obtain clean and bright coffees.

    Green coffee producer William Parra, from the coffee-growing region of Huila, Colombia.

    Producer William Parra

    “A cup of coffee with love and patience offers excellence”.

    I dedicate myself to coffee growing, by family tradition, for the love and taste we have for coffee.
    I have been a coffee farmer for 18 years, but for as long as I can remember I have helped my father on his farm.
    William Parra founded Finca El Edén in 2003 with some land given to him by his father. Since that year his dedication and effort have allowed El Edén to produce high quality coffees.

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    El Edén coffee farm, a history of coffee trees and coffees

    Coffee trees at El Edén farm

    The History of El Edén

    A farm with vocation and work that since the change of ownership has specialized in high quality coffees.

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