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Coffee as the union of a country

Rwanda, a developing country in coffee production

What you should know about Rwanda as a coffee origin

  1. It is one of the five coffee origins that make up the Great Lakes coffee geography.
  2. It has 5 coffee growing regions, each with its own differentiated cup profile.
  3. 100% of its production is of the Arabica species (coffea arabica)
  4. 2.56% of the cultivated land, 35,891 hectares, is planted with coffee trees.
  5. The most widely cultivated arabica varietal is red bourbon.
  6. Its production is smallholder with coffee growers who depend on coffee harvests.
Pickers transporting ripe coffee cherries in baskets
Vistas a cosecha de la región Nyaruguru District
  1. At Mare Terra Coffee we import and distribute the Terras and Constellations ranges of coffee produced in Rwanda.
  2. It is the twenty-eighth largest coffee producer in the world.
  3. Coffee cultivation began in its territory at the beginning of the twentieth century.
  4. Harvests coffee from February to July and exports coffee from July to December.
  5. The traditional and most entrenched method of processing coffee is called Lavado
  6. Most coffee plantations in Rwanda are cultivated between 1,700 and 2,000 meters above sea level.
  7. The standard size of green coffee bags in the country is 60 kilos, at Mare Terra Coffee we pack it, depending on the quality, 30 kg and 5 kg
  8. The five main importing countries of Rwandan coffee are: United States, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium and Singapore.


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Hectares with coffee trees

Landscape variety and traditional methods are the success of Rwandan coffee

Coffee cultivation in Rwanda

Rwanda is an inland country located in East Africa, bordered to the north by Uganda, to the south and east by Tanzania and to the west by the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country is divided between the Nile and Congo rivers and is surrounded by mountain ranges.

Rwanda’s diverse ecosystems are a mix of volcanoes, tropical forests, extensive savannahs and lakes. Its territory also contains plains and wetlands that enrich the cultivation of coffee.

The determining factor in the flavors of Rwandan coffee is its fertile and mountainous soils located at high altitudes.

With a temperate tropical climate, Rwanda comprises regions with varying climates. In the northern regions the nights are cool, but as the territory loses altitude, temperatures reach a maximum of 35º. Depending on the region, rainfall varies between 1,000 and 1,400 mm.

Mountain, lake and farmland views of the Nyaruguru District coffee region.

Rwanda's coffee economy started in the 20th century after the country went through several social and economic conflicts.

Rwanda is facing the future by progressively improving the national economy and creating a solid society that is moving forward to obtain the best results in its coffee. This is possible thanks to the intervention of cooperatives that regulate production and help the quality of life of coffee growers, giving way to the visibility of women and their rights in the labor activity.
Today coffee is the livelihood of many families dedicated to its cultivation.

  • Coffee accounts for 27% of total Rwandan exports
  • The contribution of coffee to Rwanda’s agricultural GDP is 33%.
  • The average farm size per producer is less than 1 hectare.
  • The equity rate in coffee production in Rwanda is 5 to 5 (50% men and 50% women).
  • The average age of coffee growers is 60 years old.

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Zones and Departments

It is the 28th largest coffee producer in the world and coffee is grown in all of its provinces.

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Rwanda, coffee as a union of a country

Coffee production in Rwanda is achieved through the efforts of small farmers who are eager to learn about specialty coffees and seek the best results in their harvests.

Rwandan culture vibrates in every corner of the country: music and family are the fundamental pillars of society. They believe in and love what they do and their coffee is a reflection of the dedication and enthusiasm of the people of Rwanda.

The country of the Thousand Hills, its abundant wildlife, beautiful landscapes and countless rivers make Rwanda a unique environment.

Currently, domestic coffee consumption is growing with notoriety, in Rwanda we find a cup profile with floral notes, good acidity and a citric aroma.

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