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El Martillo Farm

The family's happiest memories reside among coffee trees.

El Martillo coffee farm detail by detail

How each green coffee bean is cultivated, processed and harvested at the El Martillo farm

The El Martillo farm, owned by Don José Antonio Salaverria, is located near the town of La Majada, in the coffee-growing region of Apaneca – Ilamatepec, in the district of Juayúa.
The coffees grow under native shade provided by the trees on the farm, at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level.
With a total area of 17.5 hectares, all hectares are dedicated to coffee cultivation by the Salaverria family.

Crop data at the farm

  1. The varitals planted on the farm are Bourbon and SL28.

  2. The average age of the coffee trees is 30 years.

  3. Coffee trees develop in sandy and volcanic soils.

  4. Rainfall is the irrigation system used by the Salaverria family on their farm.

  5. The type of cultivation on the farm is shaded, managed through selective logging, pruning is traditional and fruit is harvested by hand.


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Coffee trees





Coffees produced at El Martillo farm by Andres Salaverria and his team

All the coffees produced by Andres Salaverria are carefully processed in its production chain where the Brix measurements from the tree are taken into account to ensure that the coffee is 100% ripe, the harvesting of the selected coffee, its traceable process by variety, lot or any other distinctive feature, and the care in the fermentation or any other specific process of each lot, always taking care of the drying and storage of the coffee.

Andrés Salaverri coffee grower in the coffee growing region of Apaneca Ilamatepec, El Salvador.

Producer Andrés Salaverria

“Passion for coffee”.

Since I was a child, I have had a passion for coffee growing.
I like challenges and coffee growing presents strong challenges, it is worthwhile to work and always try to innovate new things, I also like to work with the social and ecological components around coffee growing.
I am the fifth generation of coffee growers in my family, and I have been involved in coffee growing for eleven years.
Farms managed by father and son, Don José Antonio and Andrés Salaverria, both have always complemented each other very well in their responsibilities and work on the farms, with the clear objective of diversifying their coffees and keeping up to date with the most advanced processes occurring in other countries and carrying them out with their coffees, in addition to their own experimentations.

Location of the coffee farm El Martillo

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Coffee Geography

El Salvador

Coffee Origin

Apaneca - Ilamatepec

Coffee Region


Coffee District

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