Premium Coffee Cupping 2020 in Thessaloniki

On February 29 at 11 a.m. We organize an event in Thessaloniki to get to know the new Premium coffees.


Thessaloniki event

Premium Coffee Cupping

On February 29 at 11 a.m. We will hold the Premium Coffee Cupping event in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. The event is intended to present a selection of coffees of this quality and that consists of a brief presentation of the different origins, a cupping of them and we will end with a tasting of local craft beers with profiles close to the chosen coffees.

This event is completely free (prior registration required) and is an opportunity for you to discover our coffees and get to know the profiles of each of these regions.

Where will we meet

Semprevivo Coffee Hub

We will meet in the new showroom and education center of Semprevivo, in the city of Thessaloniki.

The Gerousis company is a family company established since 1964 and has been working since then in the coffee market. In the last decade, due to the growing demand for specialty coffees, the company launched a new "Semprevivo" brand and began to roast seasonal coffees and all kinds of organic coffees. Its sales network expands in the northern part of Greece.

Address: 18 Olimpiou Diamanti Str. 54626



Premium Quality Coffees

Different origins

In this cupping we will try different premium quality coffees. These coffees have an SCA score of sensory profile greater than 80 points, with less than 10 defects per 350 grams and which will explain the profiles that we will find for each coffee region.

At the end of the tasting we will also try different profiles of local craft beers that we can associate with each of the coffees that we have previously tasted.







About the event

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