Types of extraction

Immersion method

Coffee infusion techniques

Immersion method

A generally simple system to prepare coffee, allowing us to enjoy all the flavor present in the cup.

A method of preparation by immersion stands out for its simplicity, since the preparation is based, essentially, on grinding the coffee, adding water and immersing it in water, with the time of contact with the coffee being the main factor that generates the extraction.

French Press

Method by complete immersion, the water is continuously in contact with the coffee during the infusion being able to separate them at the moment we decide that the extraction has reached its optimal point.
Prensa Francesa


Medium 3 cups

This process preserves the natural oils, extracts the flavor of the coffee and provides a stronger and more intense consistency.

Cold Brew

The system uses the immersion method mainly with ground coffee and offers a different beverage, fresh and delicate, through maceration due to the long period of contact between the water and the coffee.

Cold Brew-Kinto



Very practical and simple coffee preparation method for home brewing.

To be taken into account in the immersion method

Light-Medium Roast

A roast that enhances acidity, flavors and aromas; it is also the one that preserves the most intense aromas. This roasting, Al being exposed to heat for a longer period of time, the sugars in the coffee have a greater caramelization process, giving it a touch of riper fruits, berries dry, caramel and chocolate.

Coarse Grinding

A coarse grind presents the loosest particles, which allows the water moves much faster between them. The combination of a smaller contact surface area and shorter preparation time means that there will be less extraction.

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Other extraction methods for good coffee

Extracting a good coffee has a lot: a lot of skill and affinity, each method enhances different strengths of good coffee, there is surely one that is your favorite. Explore them





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