Types of extraction

Maceration method

Coffee infusion techniques

Maceration method

Method in which we submerge the coffee in water (it can be hot or cold), in order to extract from it the soluble parts.

Normally all the solids and liquids together make up the final beverage, although it can be filtered if desired.


In order to prepare this type of infusion, it is necessary to have the characteristic cevze a copper instrument that gives a particular flavor to the coffee.

It is one of the oldest known methods of preparation. Some studies date it to around the 16th century, and it is still very common in Middle Eastern countries as well as in the Balkans.


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C1 Useful capacity 85ml

This elaboration will allow us to obtain a beverage with a dense and elastic cream, a coffee with a creamy and intense body in which we maintain all its properties.

To be taken into account in the maceration method

Medium Roast

It is the most balanced and juicy roast. Being exposed to heat for a longer period of time, the sugars in the coffee have a greater caramelization process, giving it a touch of riper fruits and berries. dry, caramel and chocolate

Very Fine Grinding

A finer grind means a finer grind means a finer grind means a finer grind means a finer surface area of grain exposed to water. That means that it has a greater number of particles, which will cause the water to move in the same way as the slower, generating a higher extraction.

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Other extraction methods for good coffee

Extracting a good coffee has a lot: a lot of skill and affinity, each method enhances different strengths of good coffee, there is surely one that is your favorite. Explore them


Cold Brew

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