Types of extraction

Pressure method

Coffee infusion techniques

Pressure method

A coffee with much more body than the one obtained through other methods

A greater amount of oils is extracted from the coffee and also due to the type of filter used, since solids can pass through, giving the sensation of body, the so-called grounds. One of the advantages of this method is that with a single extraction we can prepare coffee for several people.


Espresso machines arose from the need to prepare coffee quickly, almost immediately and easily.

Espresso – Superautomatic




Allows recipes to be obtained through established schedules

Express – semi-automatic

Semiautomatic-La Marzoco


Mini Line

We extract the coffee by pressure and the result is a concentrated beverage.

Express –

Palanca-La Pavoni Express

La Pavoni


The lever is in charge of generating the pressure when raising and lowering

Express –

Manual-Rok Express


Expresso GC

Pressure without the need for electricity and with an elegant design


It extracts a greater quantity of oils and allows the finest non-soluble solids to pass through.



Moka Express

Method of preparation by pressure filtration based on a simple technique that allows to enjoy a good coffee at home.

Capsule Machine

The capsule machine allows coffee to be brewed by injecting water into the capsule at high pressure.

Capsule machine-Delonghi

De Longhi

Essenza Mini

Method of preparation in which coffee is extracted by pressure in a very easy and fast way.

To be considered in the pressure method

Medium Roast

It is the most balanced and juicy roast. To to be exposed to heat for longer periods of time, sugars, sugars coffee has a greater caramelization process, giving it a touch of riper fruits, fruits dry, caramel and chocolate

Fine Grinding

A finer grind means a finer grind means a finer grind means a finer grind means a finer surface area of grain exposed to water. That means that it has a greater number of particles, which will cause the water to move more slowly, generating a greater extraction of water.

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Other extraction methods for good coffee

Extracting a good coffee has a lot: a lot of skill and affinity, each method enhances different strengths of good coffee, there is surely one that is your favorite. Explore them


Cold Brew


Brazilian Tasting

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