Types of extraction

Vacuum method

Coffee infusion techniques

Vacuum method

A coffee full of nuances and clean

The main operation is the expansion that through heat makes the water vapor from the lower vessel pass through a tube into the upper vessel containing the coffee.


It is one of the most original methods because its container looks like a laboratory instrument.

Sifón Bodum



This method of preparation is also known as vacuum coffee maker due to the way coffee is extracted.

To be considered in the vacuum method

Light-Medium Roast

A roast that enhances acidity, flavors and aromas; it is also the one that preserves the most intense aromas. This roasting, Al being exposed to heat for a longer period of time, the sugars in the coffee have a greater caramelization process, giving it a touch of riper fruits, berries dry, caramel and chocolate.

Medium Coarse Grinding

A medium-coarse grind presents the loosest particles, which allows the water moves much faster between them. The combination of a smaller contact surface area and shorter preparation time means that there will be less extraction.

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Other extraction methods for good coffee

Extracting a good coffee has a lot: a lot of skill and affinity, each method enhances different strengths of good coffee, there is surely one that is your favorite. Explore them


Capsule machine

Espresso - Superautomatic

Cold Brew

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