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Golden Huila

A coffee of love and pride chosen by nature

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The legend of Golden Huila, a coffee of love and pride chosen by nature, at your disposal. Download and share it. It practices the diffusion of coffee culture.

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A coffee of love and pride chosen by nature

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Golden Huila is a story of admiration. Eladio loved his daughter and his coffee and took sweet care of them both. Golden Huila is the coffee of the golden antlered deer that comes to the coffee plantations to bite the red cherries at their optimum ripening point. This is Eladio’s coffee, whose coffee plantations were distinguished with the Golden Huila qualification by the Cooperative, making each sip a moment of intimate satisfaction.

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This story that I am going to tell you is the story of a man who considered that he had the best coffee and the best daughter in the world. And he wasn’t wrong.

On the porch of his house, staring at his coffee trees, Eladio knew that his second crop, mitaca, had received the Golden Huila rating from the Cooperative. He knew that this award for a job well done would be shared by all those anonymous friends in different parts of the world who would taste his coffee. Eladio wanted that aroma and taste to reward them, as it did him, with a moment of intimate satisfaction.

The man smiled and returned to his favorite memory: the chronicle of long ago saved in the archives of La Voz del Huila that narrated the assembly in which the cooperative decided how it was going to grade the coffee and what its price would be. So it said:

“In a certainly tumultuous assembly, in which the president of the Cooperative, Mr. Rodrigo Salvani y de Tormoye, had to substitute, given the unreasonableness that events were acquiring, his mace of call to order for the bass drum of the municipal band, it was agreed that the price of the coffee cherry would be established in two levels: that of the fields that had been approved by the Golden Huila (some of whose cherries must have been eaten by the golden antlered deer), and those that had not, it being agreed…”

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His wife was watching his smile from afar when he suddenly turned around. He looked up to confirm what he already knew; far away, in the background, on the sidewalk, the silhouette of his daughter could be seen. She had just come from working at the Cooperative. With a lot of effort, her parents had managed to put her through college and the reward came a few years later: their daughter had coffee in her veins.

Upon returning to Huila, she began working as a quality taster at the Cooperative. There I tasted for virtues and not for defects, which was a great change for coffee. Eladio knew that, even if they had not recognized this change enough, the greatest pride was that they called his daughter and the team of tasters: The Golden Huila .

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Just as his daughter entered the house, Eladio was startled. His wife knew him all too well: she knew exactly what had just happened. The man looked up at the sky, although nothing could be seen. However, he knew it, he was sure of it: behind his daughter had crossed the Golden Huila. He smiled as he remembered that now his mitaca had also been rated Golden Huila.

She moved forward without wiping off her smile and hugged her daughter. She was like coffee and all the sips people took would smile the same way he did when he embraced his daughter’s sweetness. Even so, what the others would not know would be the magic of Golden Huila coffee, which had been born to the rhythm of the bass drum thanks to a unique deer with golden horns.

His daughter looked at him in complicity, grateful for everything her father had done for her, for all the advice he had always given her. Daughter,” said Eladio softly, “ the goats discovered coffee and our deer discovered how to select the best coffee. Father and daughter smiled and melted into an embrace.

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Eladio returned to the porch of his house and with a lost look he thought that, since that tumultuous assembly, they were already the fourth generation that loved those coffee trees. And there they remained, in the coffee plantation with the red cherries, waiting for the magic signal: Golden Huila, the golden antlered deer, nibbling the first cherries at optimum ripeness. That was the most exciting moment, the moment to be attentive, the moment to enjoy knowing that those red fruits had the red color nibbled by the golden antlered deer. Knowing that this was the first step for his coffee to have the Golden Huila qualification forever.

During dinner, Eladio recalled the Ethiopian legend of the birth of coffee, that of the shepherd Kaldi and his nervous goats. Couldn’t the goats be something like the Golden Huila, the golden antlered deer? Some discovered coffee and the others selected the best cherries, the best coffee. Eladio looked at his daughter, his Golden Huila, and his eyes watered: he had two treasures; his daughter and his coffee.

Eladio’s story has been told generation after generation and now you are lucky enough to know it too. If you go to Huila, the southern region of Colombia, straddling the Andes, crowned by the Nevado del Huila and drawn by the Magdalena River, take a good look: Even today it is still common to see its fields, forests and mountains galloped by small herds of white-tailed antelopes.

It will be your job to distinguish Golden Huila and to savor its coffee: the coffee of that father proud of his daughter, of his coffee plantations and of that deer with golden horns that knew how to savor the cherries at their optimum point of ripeness.

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Golden Huila

It will be your job to distinguish Golden Huila and taste its coffee coffee: the coffee of that
father proud of his daughter, of his coffee plantations and of that deer of golden horns that
knew to taste the cherries on its point optimal of maturation.
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Golden Huila the washed coffee that defines the Cup profile of the coffee growing region of Huila, Colombia, in green and ready to roast.

We explain what you want to know about the coffee of love and pride chosen by nature.

  1. It is a coffee that its cup profile is chocolatey
  2. Its key descriptor in aroma and flavor is citrus.
  3. Other descriptors that complete its organoleptic profile are chocolate and stone fruits.
  4. It is an ideal coffee for extraction in mocha, espresso and capsules.
  5. It has an overall score according to the SCA scale of 84 points
  6. Its acidity is citric and its intensity is medium high
  7. It has a medium intensity body and is creamy to the touch
  8. It is a coffee that is grown in the Dorsal Andina coffee geography, in the Colombian coffee origin and in the Huila coffee region
  9. It is a coffee of the Arabica species and a blend of the Castillo, Caturra and Colombia varietals
  10. It is a coffee that we have processed in aerobically washed and dried in a combination of patios and mechanical dryers.
Sack of Golden Huila green coffee from the region of Huila, Colombia.


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