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Pressing method: Moka

Method of preparation by pressure filtration based on a simple technique that allows you to enjoy a good coffee at home.

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Bialetti-Moka Express

This processing provides more body than those made with other filter options, as it extracts a greater amount of oils and allows finer non-soluble solids to pass through.

Roast: medium
Grinding: Medium-Fine

How to do it?



The amount of coffee to be used is determined by the size of the coffee filter of the coffee maker we use.



Fill the lower part with hot water up to the safety valve.


Fill out

In the filter, put the coffee up to the top, without pressing or pressing. You can homogenize the filling by lightly tapping the ladle on a base and leveling it.



Screw the two parts into which the coffee maker is divided.



Put the coffee pot on high heat, leaving the lid open. When the coffee is rising to the top lower the heat. Once the extraction goes from a continuous trickle to splashing, remove it immediately by lowering the lid to cool.



Stir the extraction with a spoon or some other utensil to homogenize the extraction. It is advisable to remove the liquid to a serving decanter to avoid excessive contact with the heat of the coffee maker. Serve and enjoy

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