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El Descanso Natural Farm

The perseverance and motivation of having land on which to cultivate coffees

La Finca de José Heider Contreras

José Heider grew up among coffee trees, his parents were dedicated to coffee growing and taught him to cultivate and respect the land, his father always encouraged him to be independent and to be able to organize his life by having his own farm.
The inheritance money that José Heider received after his father’s death was used to buy the part of the farm that corresponded to his mother, and with it he started the improvements and selections in the first crops in what today is his farm El Descanso Natural.

Finca El Descanso Natural

The beginnings of the farm

José Heider’s beginnings on the farm were hard, he dedicated all his time and effort to work the land and improve the farm’s facilities.
His efforts and entrepreneurial spirit were reflected in his high quality coffee lots. With them he managed to participate in the National Cup of Excellence in 2015 achieving a significant position in the qualification.
The winnings obtained by José Heider in the Cup of Excellence Contest helped him to complete the payment of the El Descanso Natural Farm, making it possible for him to be the sole owner of the land.

Views of the farm El Descanso Natural in the coffee origin Colombia

The farm today

José Heider and his wife Adriana Berdugo, continued working and developing their project for more than five years, improving, caring for and completing what today is Finca El Descanso Natural and its facilities.

The farm consists of seven hectares, four of which are used to grow specialty coffees of different varietals, including Caturra, Castillo and Bourbon Rosado. In addition, José Heider’s farm also has a dry mill and a wet mill.

Today, thanks to the work of José Heider and Adriana Berdugo, Finca El Descanso Natural is home to the couple and their two daughters.

Finca El Descanso Natural coffee origin Colombia
Finca El Descanso Natural del productor de café verde José Heider

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