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Immersion and Pressure Method: Aeropress

Pressure filter preparation method to prepare a coffee composed of more oils in a very short time.

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This process allows absolute control over the preparation time and the pressure affecting the extraction.

Roast: light-medium
Grinding: Medium-fine

How to do it?



For every 100 ml of water, add 8 to 10 grams, it is a method that allows to play with infinite variables



Place the filter on the perforated plastic disk, pour hot water to clean flavors and possible impurities and then discard the used water.


Fill out

Add the coffee inside the cylinder and then the hot water, wetting all the coffee. Break the crust at the desired time, if you want to increase the extraction you can stir until you reach your goal.



Position the head with the filter by pressing down to remove the air from the top. Invert the brewer and place it over the cup or service carafe, applying the pressure we consider to define the extraction.



Once the extraction is finished, the beverage is ready to serve.

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