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Infographics official quality of coffee of Colombian origin

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Official Quality of coffee in Colombia

Coffee in Colombia is officially graded by: The caliber, measure, of the bean

The following are their scales and the names they are given

By caliber

premium green coffee bean


18+ screen with a tolerance of 5% on lower screens, up to screen 14
supreme green coffee bean


Screen 17+ with a tolerance of 5% on lower screens, up to screen 14

green coffee bean extra


Screen 16+ with a tolerance of 5% on lower screens, up to screen 14

excelso green coffee bean


Sieve 15 minimum 50%Sieve 14 and 13 maximum 48.5% Sieve 12 maximum 1.5% .

green coffee bean caracolillo


Screen 12 with a tolerance of 10% on flat grains


For every 350 grams of coffee, a maximum of 12 primary defects and a maximum of 72 secondary defects are allowed.

10 secondary defects equal one primary defect.

Huemdad green coffee


Moisture content must be less than 12% on the ISO 6673 scale.

Green brown color


The color, the pigmentation of the grain, must be green and uniform.

Green coffee aroma


The aroma must correspond to the Colombian profile, between herbal and floral, medium-low acidity and high body, and must not have any defects, ferments, humidities, chemicals, etc.

Do not confuse the word Excelso of the quality rating with the word Excelso in the
that coffee sacks are marked in Colombia, in the case of the sacks the word Excelso
refers to coffee validated as clean and exportable, not to the quality contained in them.

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