Official Coffee Quality


Size, size of the grain, process and period in which it was harvested

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Infographics official quality of coffee of Colombian origin

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Official Coffee Quality in Kenya

Coffee in Kenya is officially graded by: The caliber, measurement, of the bean, process and period in which it has been harvested.

The following are their scales and the names they are given

By process and caliber

Please note: All calibrations are based on a 500 gram sample.

Washing process

premium green coffee bean

Designation AA

Caliber 17/18

supreme green coffee bean

Designation AB

Caliber 15/16

green coffee bean extra

Designation PB

Caliber Caracolillos

excelso green coffee bean

Designation C

Caliber 14/15

premium green coffee bean

Designation E

Caliber 15/16

Elephants: grains separated into
the sieve, usually broken and known as “Ears”, it also includes snail shells of
larger size

supreme green coffee bean

Designation TT


Smaller grains, usually
screening below 14 or of insufficient density

green coffee bean extra

Name T


Very small calipers; often only broken pieces and grains.

excelso green coffee bean

UG designation



Natural Process

supreme green coffee bean

MH (M'Buni heavy)

Screen 17+ with a tolerance of 5% on lower screens, up to screen 14

green coffee bean extra

ML (M'Buni light)

Screen 16+ with a tolerance of 5% on lower screens, up to screen 14

excelso green coffee bean

M (M'Buni)

Sieve 15 minimum 50%Sieve 14 and 13 maximum 48.5% Sieve 12 maximum 1.5% .

By harvest period



All final results are based on a sample equivalent of 500 grams.


All final results are based on a sample equivalent of 500 grams.

To be considered:

The green coffee resulting from the main harvest cherry is considered to be of higher quality than that of the fly harvest, and this was the reason for incorporating the harvest period into the Kenyan coffee classification denomination.


Unofficial but sometimes used in the classification denomination by coffee producers in Kenya. You can take one of these added ratings, FAQ/ FAQ PLUS / PLUS, for free consideration, to distinguish coffees that you consider to be of a higher quality.
higher quality than they can be rated from the official rating scales

Coffee classification in Kenya

Practical example

clasificacion oficial del cafe

Kenya AB Fly

Kenya (Origin)
AB (Process: Washing – Screening: 15/16)
Fly (Coffee cherry harvest period)

Huemdad green coffee


Moisture content must be less than 12% on the ISO 667 scale.


Green brown color


The color, the pigmentation of the grain, must be green and uniform.

Green coffee aroma


The aroma in Kenya is not specified in its official description.

Highly relevant

Quality assurance, wet milling, from the smallest cooperatives
to large plantations, is carried out on the properties. The benefit
The company’s dry ice dry only in three state-regulated entities.

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