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Oldonyo Farm

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Oldonyo coffee farm detail by detail

A glimpse of its history and its coffee experience

Its coffees grow surrounded by vegetation, birds and insects, in sandy soils of clay and red earth, at an altitude of between 1,500 and 1,700 meters above sea level.
With a total area of 10 hectares, dedicated to coffee production, with 6 permanent employees and 36 temporary harvesters.

Farm Crop Data

  1. The varietals planted on the farm are Riuri11 and SL28.

  2. The average age of the coffee trees is 4 years.

  3. Coffee trees develop in a red clay soil type.

  4. Moses uses controlled irrigation on its farm

  5. The type of shade in crops is native and picking is manual .


It has to


One thousand
coffee trees


age coffee trees


Coffee trees of the Oldonyo farm, in the coffee origin Kenya

Coffee producer George Muia

''Coffee growing is my passion''.

“I have been involved in coffee growing since I was a child, my parents were coffee growers and I always helped them with the tasks on the farm.
In 2016, I inherited the Oldonyo farm and became a coffee producer.”
George Muia comes from a family of coffee growers, his father taught him from a very young age the workings of a coffee farm.
Years later George took over the management of the farm and became a producer. George is innovative and likes to implement improvements on his Oldonyo farm.

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