Star coffees with a light of their own


Jean Vilhena Faleiros


Santa Monica

Picking method

Manual selective and mechanical

Name of star



1,200 masl


Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Bourbon, Catucaí, Arara, Paraso, Topazio, Aranã, Catigua, Icatu, Acaia, Geisha, Maragojipe and Pacamara


Brazil | Alta Mogiana | Ibiraci

Farm size | Ha production

240 ha | 180 ha

Harvest months

June to July

Produces coffees from


Type of soil



30 kg bags | GrainPro



CANOPUS is the Star that gives its name to all the coffee lots produced by Jean Vilhena Faleiros in his Santa Monica farm located in the coffee growing region of Alta Mogiana.
The lots are differentiated by their different characteristics in terms of flavor, aroma and processes. Each coffee grower receives the name of a star to denominate his lots, thus forming a great coffee universe.

green coffee producer Jean Vilhena Faleiros from the coffee-growing region of Alta Mogiana

Jean Vilhena Faleiros

Santa Monica Farm

Jean Vilhena is the owner of the Santa Monica farm and comes from a family with more than 100 años of experience producing coffee. A family that has always had a modern vision and has opted for advances in its facilities for the production of its coffees.
Jean was born into a family with a great coffee-growing tradition with a centennial history, According to Jean, his coffee history began in heaven because as a Catholic he believes that God chooses us all for a purpose in life and his was and is to be a coffee grower.
In 1994, when Jean was 18 years old, he had to decide between leaving to work outside his hometown or staying and starting to work with his father on the farms. Jean decided to stay and start working, combining his work with courses and studies on coffee growing.
Together with his father, he began to learn about the basic tasks of the farm and little by little he began to work and apply new technologies in the production of coffee at the Santa Monica farm.

Farm Santa Monica is located in a privileged place in the Alta Mogiana region. The microclimate and the altitude of the land are positive factors for the optimal development of its coffee trees and for the production of specialty coffees.
Jean has achieved many of his goals in his professional career after años of work and training, and continues to have many others. The Santa Monica farm is always in constant evolution, seeking to improve so that the fruit of its coffee plants reaches the cups of consumers with the highest possible quality, always with the respect that coffee production deserves.
Today the farm has 10,000 square meters of African beds and one of the most modern facilities in Brazil, and has not used chemical insecticides for six años and has not used glyphosate – a herbicide – for three años, thus seeking an increasingly sustainable coffee growing.
The Santa Monica farm has very clear values regarding the production of its specialty coffees, one of which is to be an example and reference for new coffee growers. They have concerns, always looking for a much more sustainable and organic coffee growing, taking care first of all of the base, their soil, so that the tradition of coffee cultivation will transcend generation after generation.


Alta Mogiana

The coffee region of Alta Mogiana is located in the state of São Paulo, this region has a population of approximately 681,000 inhabitants and its surface area is 36,302.28 km².
In the region some 77,295 hectares are cultivated with coffee, the most cultivated varietals are Mundo Novo and Catuaí, being 100% of its production of the Arabica species, the coffee harvest months in the region are from May to September. This region ranks 4th in the country’s total production.




Surface 8,51 million km².

211,38 million inhabitants

40 coffee regions

1,85 million hectares with coffee

Alta Mogiana

Surface area 36.302,28 km².

681.000 inhabitants

23 coffee districts

77.295 hectares with coffee