Coffee with their own name


Andres Salaverria

Farm size | Ha production

205 ha | 205 ha

Key descriptor



El Salvador | Apaneca Ilamatepec | Juayúa

Type of soil

Sandy and volcanic

SCA Score

91 points


San Francisco

Picking method

Selective manual

Harvest months

July to September


1,650 masl


SL 28


Vacuum box 5kg

The experimental process

Anaerobic Natural Sleeping Bag

Juan Alberto Moran Cortez coffee is a coffee with a vinous cup profile, its key descriptor is jasmine, it has a medium intensity and creamy body.

The type of process used for the Juan Alberto Moran Cortez lot is natural with anaerobic fermentation. The type of process used for the Juan Alberto Moran Cortez lot isnatural with an anaerobic fermentation, specifically the experimentation of this coffee is called ‘Anaerobic NaturalSleeping Bag’.The cherries are then dried using the Sleeping Bag technique, in which dark plastic and different processes are used to increase fermentation and maintain the density of the bean, bringing fruity and vinous notes to the coffee.


Its history

The name of this lot Juan Alberto Moran Cortez, refers to the excellent team of collaborators led by Juan Alberto, Raul and Rocio, who passionately put their best effort from the farm, ensuring that the harvest is carried out at the optimum time and is well selected and clean until the mill where they make sure that the recipes are followed to the letter with the established fermentation times, optimal drying, storage and export of coffee. Andres Salaverria is clear that without the support and commitment of the team, ”these results and this quality would not be possible. Thank you team!

Coffee growers of Andrés Salaverría's farm
Coffee producer Andrés Salaverri from the coffee-growing region of Apaneca Ilamatepec, El Salvador.

Andres Salaverria

San Francisco Farm

Andrés Salaverría has had a passion for coffee growing since he was a child, His family has been dedicated to coffee growing for more than 100 años, with farms in the coffee growing regions of Atiquizaya, Concepción de Ataco, Jayúa and Apaneca. Andrés is the fifth generation and has been dedicated to coffee growing for 11 años.
Andres remembers how he enjoyed accompanying his father to the El Molino mill every night to to see how the coffee cherries were arriving to be unloaded from the day’s harvests from different farms,He loved to climb on the trucks and jump on the piles of grapes, since then his interest has been growing. Every summer I developed temporary jobs in the family coffee company with the purpose of learning and implementing new knowledge. After graduating from university, he completed the Ernesto Illy Master’s degree in science and coffee economics, which was enriching for Andres and thus managed to form a clearer idea of what is behind the entire coffee production chain. as well as learning from different coffee producing colleagues from other parts of the world.

In 2011 Andres returned to El Salvador after his preparation and then focused on the commercial, industrial and administrative part of the coffee farms, together with his father Don Jose Antonio Salaverria, who is in charge of farm management, have managed to make a good team. Its objective has always been to diversify its products and at the same time to be always on the lookout for new trends in processes in other coffee producing countries in order to be able to replicate them in its beloved country of El Salvador.
Among the farms managed by the Salaverría family are the following the San Francisco farm, one of the most important for the family business, is home not only to a coffee-producing region, but also to a natural forest reserve. which was donated to the National Forestry Association of El Salvador for the purpose of preserving a beautiful habitat for many exotic species of plants and animals.
The San Francisco farm is located near the town of La Majada, in the coffee growing region of Apaneca – Ilamatepec, in the district of Juayúa, its rich volcanic soils make San Francisco an ideal place for coffee growing.
At the San Francisco farm the coffee is 100% shade grown and harvesting is done by selective manual harvesting, which consists of picking fully ripe cherries. Social and environmental activities play an important role in the daily activities of the farm and for the family business, which always seeks to supply the surrounding communities with health services and infrastructure for educational activities.



The Apaneca mountain range is a volcanic mountain range located in the west of El Salvador, this mountain range is composed of volcanoes, including the IIamatepec volcano, one of the most active in the region.
The Apanenca-Ilamatepec coffee-growing region has an estimated population of 1.26 million inhabitants and an area of 4,289.95 km², This region has 37 coffee-growing districts, including Santa Ana, Ahuachapán, Juayúa, and Sonsonate, these districts are home to more than 9,740 families cultivating more than 70,881 hectares of land of arabica coffee of the Pacas, Bourbon, Pacamara, Catimores, Casticis, Cuscatleco and Catuaí varietals. Apaneca – Ilamatepec occupies the 1st place as the country’s coffee growing region with a production of 53% of the country’s total production.



El Salvador

Surface area 21,041 km².

6,8 million inhabitants

6 coffee regions

140.000 hectares with coffee

Apaneca – Ilamapetec

Surface area 4,289.95 km².

1,26 million inhabitants

37 coffee districts

70.881 hectares with coffee