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Rosebella Langat


Chepsangor Hills

Picking method

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1,700-2,000 masl


Ruiru 11, SL 28 and Batian


Kenya | Kericho & Nandi Hills | Nandi

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Harvest months

October to February

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30 kg bags | GrainPro

Rosebella Langat'S CAFÉS


PRAECIPUA is the Star that gives its name to all the lots of coffee produced by Rosebella Langat in the Kericho & Nandi Hills coffee growing region.
The lots are differentiated by their different characteristics in terms of flavor, aroma and processes. Each coffee grower receives the name of a star to denominate his lots, thus forming a great coffee universe.


Rosebella Langat

Chepsangor Hills Farm

‘… We are not a forgotten people, we can finally make a living’…. This is the joy and motto of Rosebella Langat, one of the women of the Kenyan coffee community, producer and owner of the Chepsangor Hills Coffee farm in Nandi Hills. There is only one coffee tree left on the farm that has been producing beans since the 1950s, all the others were cut down when the land was subdivided into smaller parts for the local population after independence. Now Chepsangor Hills Coffee grows and processes specialty coffee and works with local farmers to produce good quality coffee. The grain production process is carefully managed using good agronomic practices that do not harm the environment. Grown in the fertile volcanic soils of the Nandi Hills in the Nandi Escape of the rift valley at an altitude of 1700-2000 masl with SL28, Ruiru 11 and Batian varieties. During the harvest, the ripe red cherries are carefully selected and hand-picked by women, sorted to perfection and processed in less than 8 hours with an organic pulper and dried in the sun. Different innovative processing methods are used to provide the customer with a variety of flavor profiles, fully washed for clear and vibrant notes, semi-washed (honey) for that extra touch of sweetness and naturally processed for that fuller-bodied infusion.


Kericho & Nandi Hills

The Kericho & Nandi Hills Coffee Region is located in the southwest of the country, in the Rift Valley, with an estimated population of 1.7 million inhabitants and an area of 5,359 km².
has 7 coffee growing districts
cultivating more than 12,000 hectares of Arabica coffee of the SL28, K7, Ruiru11 and Batian, Kericho & Nandi Hills varietals.
is the 8th largest coffee growing region in the country.




Surface area 580,367 km².

51.3 million inhabitants

18 coffee regions

110,000 hectares with coffee

Kericho & Nandi Hills

Surface 5.359 km² (km²)

1,7 million inhabitants

coffee districts

12,480 hectares with coffee