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George Muia

"My dream is to continue doing what I love, improving and innovating, harvest after harvest."

Coffee producer George Muia

A glimpse of its history and its coffee experience

I have been involved in coffee growing since I was a child, my parents were coffee growers and I always helped them with the tasks on the farm.
In 2016, I inherited the Oldonyo farm and became a coffee producer.
The most critical points for me are the washing and sorting of the coffees, as they directly affect the final result.
What I like most about producing coffees is that you can follow the entire cultivation process, from the time the coffee tree flowers until you can drink a cup of coffee that comes from its fruits.

La finca Spikes del origen cafetalero Kenia

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George Muia's Farm

Oldonyo coffee farm

The Odonyo coffee farm is located in the coffee growing region of Machakos, in the municipality of Kyanzavi, it is divided into 3 blocks that make up the farm, in total there are 10 hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation.
Six people work permanently on the farm, although during the harvesting season pickers are hired, bringing the total number of people working at Oldonyo to 36.
The soils of the farm are sandy clay and red earth, the coffee trees are an average of 6 years old.
The difference between the Oldonyo farm and other farms in the region is that George Muia has implemented an irrigation system, which helps to make the crop more profitable because it is not 100% dependent on the weather.

La finca Spikes del origen cafetalero Kenia

Locate where the coffee trees grow with which George Oldonyo produces his very personal batches of coffees.

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George Muia has much to share, much to tell

In the following page you will find information about George, his challenges, his day to day life and the story of how he has become a coffee producer of reference in his coffee region.

Cafetos de la finca Oldonyo

15 answers to 15 questions

George Muia responds concisely to 15 questions that provide the backbone of his experiences, his knowledge, his desires and the challenges he wishes to face in order to continue to enrich his knowledge as a coffee producer.

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