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Daterra Coffee Team

"Our principles are present in every coffee bean we produce."

Coffee producers Daterra Coffee Team

A glimpse of its history and its coffee experience

At Farm Daterra we have been producing coffee for more than 35 años, our team is formed by people in love with coffee.
There are many satisfying moments in our work, coffee is an exciting industry and the connections that it allows us to make are very special because it is a product that allows us to think not only about the product, but also about the future, the world and people.
The coffee industry challenges us to think in a fair and conscious manner. For us, it is a privilege and a great responsibility to be part of this industry and it always excites us.

Daterra Coffee Team Members

  • Gabriel Agrelli, Market and Quality Development
  • Fernanda Pizol, Sales
  • Isabela Pascoal, Sustainability Director
  • Tales Silva, Production Agronomist
  • João Reis, Agronomist Research Engineer
  • Renato Rosa, Quality Manager
  • Ismael Silva, Mechanization Manager
  • Crysthara Reis, Human Resources
  • Mychel Cruvinel, Process& IT

Coffees produced on the Daterra Farms by your Team

All the coffees produced at Daterra Coffee Farmhave undergone exhaustive quality controls and monitoring, which means that year after year they maintain the quality that characterizes them.

In data what it makes possible and what it achieves in coffee
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Daterra Coffee Farm

A glimpse of its history

The history of Farm Daterra comes from an Italian family from Bari that in 1902 embarked on an adventure with the objective of building a new life, heading to Brazil and settling in the city of Campinas to plant coffee. From these beginnings the family progressed until the eldest son opened a stand in the city market, where he sold coffee beans and taught the housewives how to roast coffee correctly; education was always the essence of the family’s projects.
After a few years, the family started running a petrol station and left the coffee business to focus more on this new area. Years later, the business passed from parents to children and after several complicated circumstances, believing in the values of hope, solidarity and respect, it was reborn and running again.
The enterprising heart of the family led them to invest again in agriculture, in 1976 ‘Daterra’ was founded, which means from the land, after tests with cattle and other crops, the family once again came across the bean that started the whole story: coffee.

Workers of the Daterra farm of coffee origin - Brazil

Locate where the coffee trees grow with which the Daterra Coffee Team produces its very personal batches of coffees.


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The Daterra Coffee team has a lot to share, a lot to talk about.

On the following page you will find information about the Daterra Coffee team, their challenges, their day to day life and the story of how they have become a reference coffee producer in their coffee growing region.

Equipo de Daterra Coffee del origen cafetalero Brasil

15 answers to 15 questions

The Daterra Coffee team responds concisely to 15 questions that provide the backbone of their experiences, their knowledge, their desires and the challenges they wish to face in order to continue enriching their knowledge as coffee producers.

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