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Luciana Alves Leandro Melo

''Working with sustainable practices guarantees an increasingly specialty coffee''.

Coffee ProducerLuciana Alves Leandro Melo

A glimpse of its history and its coffee experience

I dedicate myself to the cultivation of coffee for the love of my family. Our work makes us want to grow and improve our processes every day. Dedicating ourselves to producing quality coffees is our daily fuel.
In 1995 my husband planted his first crop at the Farm, since then I also became a coffee producer.
The most critical moments for me are the ones that happen during the coffee processing, when you have more work and more people involved in the process.
The processing of the coffee, in spite of being the critical part, is also the most important part, in this stage is when we raise the quality of the coffee through the processes.
This same stage is also a very meticulous moment in the production stages of our coffees.

Luciana Alves’ team Leandro Melo

  • Gil Cesar de Melo, Luciana Alves’ husband, is the CEO of the Farm.
  • Luciana Alves Leandro Melo, Sustainability Manager.
  • Edu Leandro Melo, son of Luciana and Gil Cesar, Financial and Administrative Manager.
  • Hugo Leandro Melo, son of Luciana and Gil César, Agricultural Manager.

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Luciana Alves' Farm

Espigão do Palmital Farm

Luciana’s love and passion for coffee growing was given to her by her husband Gil César de Melo. Gil César de Melo, they started their project by planting their first hectares of coffee together.
Coffee growing in the family comes from Gil Cesar Melo’s grandparents, when he spent weekends and vacations with them, Gil Cesar remembers that what he liked the most was to be in the middle of the coffee plantation and learn everything that his grandfather explained to him.
Gil Cesar shared with his wife his enthusiasm and respect for coffee cultivation and so together they started their first coffee plantations. Luciana and Gil Cesar have been very selective in choosing the land for their crops, always being respectful of the forest area around their farms and encouraging all their employees to preserve the environment.
The Espigão do Palmital Farm is located in aañosterrain with high altitude, which favors the cultivation of special grains with an unparalleled aroma and flavor.

Espigão do PalmitalFarm of green coffee producer Luciana Alves (2)

Locate where the coffee trees grow with which Luciana Alves produces her very personal batches of coffees.


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Luciana Alves has a lot to share, a lot to say

In the following page you will find information about Luciana, her challenges, her day to day life and the story of how she has become a coffee producer of reference in her coffee region.

Green coffee producer Luciana Alves

15 answers to 15 questions

Luciana Alves responds concisely to 15 questions that provide the backbone of her experiences, her knowledge, her desires and the challenges she wishes to face in order to continue enriching her knowledge as a coffee producer.

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