Analysis in Barahona, Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is associated more with the white sand beaches of the Caribbean than with coffee, the main reason for this association is due to the fact that coffee production in this country was almost completely lost and its restoration is just beginning.

We are in this country with a very humid tropical climate and a closed ecosystem as it is an island, if we add to this a very limited production of coffee makes us consider this destination as a very attractive place to carry out research.

Our team travels south to the Barahona coffee producing region, a region where we find a milder climate.

Los Lirios Farm

César Ros

The Los Lirios estate is located in Barahona at an altitude of between 900 and 1,100 meters above sea level. On this farm, we have 67.97 hectares of plantations that are divided between 6 planks and 7.5 hectares of tropical forest that are the biological lungs of this area.

César Ros, is the owner of the farm and also works as head of agricultural engineers, work that he has been developing for the last 10 years, we highlight that he has done a tremendous job to restore coffee production in the region. One of the most remarkable milestones is that despite all the complexity and delicacy they require, he has made an effort to keep the Caturra and Tipica varieties as the main varieties on his farm.





Two different processes

The first micro-experiments in the Dominican Republic were carried out last year obtaining very interesting results and from which we have learned to improve in this new harvest.

In March of this year, we have relaunched 2 new processes on this farm:

  • Combined Kenyan Process: Dry fermentation.
  • Natural Combo: Cold Fermentation



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Interview with César Ros

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