Experiments in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua



Nueva Segovia

The Republic of Nicaragua is a country that borders to the north with Honduras and to the south with Costa Rica, to the west with the Pacific Ocean and to the east with the Caribbean Sea. In this territory, agriculture is one of the main economic activities and has a long tradition linked to the cultivation of coffee, which is why this product has been formed for many years and also forms in this part of the culture, the economy and also of the daily life of a large number of the population.

In this interesting project, we travel to the department of Nueva Segovia that is located 226 kilometers from the capital and that is located in the north of the country, Its location in the Central region on a high plateau between 1000 and 2000 meters and its average temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius along with its extraordinary geography favors a rich biodiversity between which farms that produce quality coffee are spread.



Our team's trip to Nicaragua aims to review the work we do in 2019 and lay the groundwork for the new harvest with our supplier, a young travel companion wanting to do his job well for and for sustainable and quality coffee . With Cafetos de Segovia and by the hand of Samuel Zavala we work with the farms of El Cambalache, Bethania and Agua-Sarca.

For these days of work from the R&D department we plan with Samuel and Carlos the formation of training for the working community in the farms. On the other hand, we have to continue with the knowledge and analysis of the land in the two farms with which we already worked a year ago and, finally, we focus on the selection of cherries with which we will work and launch a series of appropriate experiments to them.



Previous Preparation

In the different training talks with the cutters we place special emphasis on the collection of the fruit at the optimum point of ripening of the cherry and we give some help guidelines to recognize it. We place special emphasis on the importance of making a good cut explaining that this practice will help us produce a better raw material.

With the producers we talk about the cleaning of both the fruit and all the infrastructures that we will use for this project. We will explain what are the appropriate materials that we will use as a basis to build the quality we are looking for.

When we process coffee, ferment or simply give it the final shape we are creating the flavors that will appear on the cup, that is why transmitting proper equipment care is essential



New techniques in fermentation

The proposed recipes are aimed at finding exceptional results based on the realization of new fermentations and based on the new recipes that the R&D department has developed.

  • Ice Ice Baby: combined fermentation experiment.
  • Kenyan Process: combined fermentation experiment.
  • Combined Natural: Cold Fermentation
  • Combined Natural: Hot Fermentation
  • Combined Natural: Triple Fermentation
  • Honey: Combined Fermentation
  • Natural Sleeping Bag


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