Fermentations in Muranga, Kenya



Murang'a & Kiambu County

This year, despite the difficult situation and travel restrictions, we decided to continue our Natural Coffees and experimental processes project in Kenya. With help from our friends and partners from Kenyacof, we managed to improve and optimize the processes that we carried out in our first year of collaboration.

In our second experimental harvest, we have new objectives for qualitative and quantitative improvements and we perform several processes in 3 different farms in the Muranga and Kiambu regions.

Kenya, a country that we have been able to visit in previous years, takes its name from the highest peak, the Mount of Kenya. 30% of the country's GDP comes from tea and coffee, this is thanks to its privileged geographical location on the equatorial line.



Muranga and Kiambu

This time we are working with three farms that are located in the wonderful regions of Muranga and Kiambu.

At the Ibutiti, Gifted, and Muthaite farms we launched the following processes:

  • Cold Aerobic fermented naturals using sack drying technique.  
  • Natural Aerobic with Drying Technique using sacks.
  • Combined Anaerobic Washing
  • Cherry Blood Wash







Paul Chege Kiarie


Mercy W. Gatuhi


William W. Gatuhi