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Mission - Vision - Values

Our Mission

To distribute costs and benefits in an ethical and transparent manner among all actors in the coffee chain.

To explicitly contribute to the value of the work of all the members of the coffee chain that make quality coffees possible, respecting the environment and being socially and culturally supportive.

To develop new processes with small producers as the only way to increase the income and quality of life of their families and communities.

To promote the consumption of quality coffee in the areas where it is produced, educating and publicizing business opportunities in rural coffee growing areas, with the objective of avoiding the migration of young people.

To make known the characteristic profiles of each coffee region of each origin and country where coffee is grown in the world.

Green coffee beans

Our Vision

Create strong working communities by sharing common qualitative and quantitative objectives.

To lead the education of all those involved in the coffee chain, from the small coffee producer to the micro-roaster and the barista, as transmitters of the coffee culture to the final consumer.

Research and develop new processes, involving new technologies, as the driving force for the development of the Mare Terra Coffee project.

Our Values

Coffee growers

They are the essence and raison d’être of our project, quality coffees integrated in the territory.


Among all the members of the coffee chain in order to make viable a dignified future for the rural communities of the coffee growing regions of the world.


We share it as a living and evolving value on which we base each of our human relationships.


We believe in continuous evolution and innovation and without training it is not possible.


Being on the campus of a university with agri-food and biotechnology faculties guarantees the sharing of projects and synergies.


We unequivocally support all activities aimed at their conservation and improvement.


From the farm or washing station or coffee region with transparency of who grows it, varieties and profiles of each coffee.


We firmly believe in teamwork as the only unit of sustainable growth.


Requirement always scientifically tested and validated before any product is marketed.


We work today thinking of a better tomorrow for everyone.


In each of our decisions, valuing without distinction all those who are or are in the company.


We promote and support well-trained professionals throughout the coffee chain as the only way to enhance the value of coffee quality.

Our team

Cristiano Antonelli

Roasters Service Italy


Peter Nikolas

Roasters Service Nordic Countries


Iwona Wierzbanowska

Roasters Service Eastern Europe

Alba Power

Alba Power

Roaster Service Ireland and United Kingdom

Elizaveta Maximova

Roasters Service Portugal

Rafa Moral

Roasters Service Director

timur dudkin_mtc

Timur Dudkin

R&D Director

Giovanna Rocha

Supply Coordinator

Rafa Bertomeu

Logistic Manager


Celia Millet

Foundation Director

Haybrig Perdomo

Qlab Assistant

Axel Simon

Qlab Director

Alejandro Gutierrez

Data Director

Pol Carbonell

Pol Carbonell

Marketing Services Spain

raquel parra_mtc

Raquel Parra

Content Coordinator

Tamara Soidan

Communication Assistant


Patricia Carranco

Marketing Assistant


Estela Lopez

Communication and Marketing Director

Sonia Aguilar

Account Director

Rafa Moral

Rafa Moral