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Vacuum method: Siphon

This method of preparation is also known as vacuum coffee maker due to the way coffee is extracted. It is one of the most original methods because its container looks like a laboratory instrument.

Bodum Siphon
Siphon-Bodum logo


This brewing process produces a light and clean cup because the filter retains the non-soluble solids during extraction.

Roast: Light-Medium
Grinding: Medium-Coarse

How to do it?



For every 500 ml of water, add 30 grams of coffee with a medium grind.



Place the filter in the upper part of the coffee maker and pull the chain down so that it engages with the lower part. The lower container is filled with preferably hot water and the two parts are fitted together.


Fill out

Add the coffee at the top, this allows the water to slowly rise and pre-infuse.



Turn on the burner and wait for the water to heat up until it rises through the tube to the top.



Stir the infusion with a bamboo wand while the water starts to rise to wet all the coffee and also to increase the extraction as much as desired. It is advisable to maintain the infusion for approximately 1 minute.



Turn off the igniter once the infusion time has elapsed and the beverage begins to flow down into the lower vessel. Separate the two parts, stir the beverage to make it uniform and you have the coffee ready to serve with the lower part of the coffee maker.

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