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Meet Our Coffee Evaluation Lab

The Quality Control Laboratory also known as QLab is the heart of any business focused on high quality coffees. Here all our coffees are analysed, qualified and validated in their different phases, from harvesting to the planned and systematised controls in the warehouse.

A solid quality control is the main difference between a coffee and a MareTerra Coffee coffee.

It is essential to have well-defined protocols, standards and profiles for each of the products in our ranges, as well as being calibrated with the laboratories of our coffee growers and open to the community of roasters and baristas for the same purpose.

It all starts with a sample at origin, either an offer or a previously defined coffee in which we evaluate each of the parts of the SCA protocols to give it the go-ahead and which we can divide into two parts that will make a complete analysis. On the one hand there is the physical part and on the other the organoleptic part.

Physical analysis of green coffee

The physical analysis is carried out under the evaluation of primary and secondary defects located in a sample of 350 grams, including the measurement of the sieve under ISO 4150 standards, as well as the control of the internal water activity of the grain and the measurement of the relative humidity under the ISO 6673 standard by indirect method.

Organoleptic evaluation of coffee

In the organoleptic evaluation we create the profiles, validate those that are already defined and give the descriptive value that each coffee deserves, always with the help of a large panel of tasters, including several Q Graders. We also make the language recognisable thanks to tools such as our descriptor wheel.

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