Mare Terra Coffee was born from coffee with a single reason for being: quality coffee.

We work every day to enhance the value of the quality coffees produced in the different coffee growing regions around the world. We are part of a community and we have the responsibility to coordinate the preferences and needs of consumers with the possibilities and capabilities of producers, achieving the satisfaction of all.

Our daily goal is to grow together in the coffee chain of which we form a part so that it continues to be a transmitter of useful knowledge and to be accessible and fair for all.


A trip around the world to savor and enjoy cups of good coffee from all coffee origins.













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Profitable, reliable and loyal coffees to consolidate or grow your market

Our ranges of quality green coffee

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Good events for great moments to share coffee cultures and quality coffee.

World of Coffee

World of Coffee 2022 will take place from June 23 to 25. SCA’s flagship European coffee event to be held in Milan, Italy, bringing together thousands of specialty coffee professionals. Competitors from all over the world will participate in various championships such as the Latte Art, Coffee with Spirits, the World Cupping Championship and the World Coffee Roasting Championship.

Chicago Coffee Festival

This June 24-25 Coffee Fest Chicago attracts the best-selling brands in the specialty coffee industry and beyond. Meet face-to-face with suppliers, educators, experts and the Midwest specialty coffee community. Advance your business, learn something new and have some fun in a safe and collaborative environment.

São Paulo Coffee Festival

The Coffee Festival event arrives in São Paulo to celebrate specialty coffees in this great city. With great coffee, food, cocktails, live music and art, this is an event not to be missed by all drink lovers. At the event you will be able to expand your knowledge of coffee in workshops and participate in interactive demonstrations, in addition to meeting the best baristas in São Paulo.

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A coffee community of coffee communities

With their own objectives and a common good, each in their own field, they work day after day for a quality, fair, socially and environmentally just, and ethical coffee, in form and substance.

From the awareness and knowledge of how important and gigantic the challenge is, we feel identified with and explicitly support all those coffee growing communities that, from their vision and mission, work in many areas to make it possible.

We are grateful for the initiatives, we believe that all are to be welcomed, we are pleased with those that are consolidated and those that are already consolidated, from all of them we learn with interest the paths that they trace to make possible what we consider crucial.

Not all of them are here, but surely all of them are:


Tell us what your preferences are and what kind of information you want to receive from us, we want to communicate only what is useful to you.

Publications of our coffee blog

Cold Brew with yerba mate foam

We bring you a recipe for Cold Brew with yerba mate foam, created by our friends from Culto in Uruguay, with one of our coffees from El Salvador: Cerro Campana.

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Coffee consumption trends

Today, coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. We can drink a cup of coffee in any country, from Italy or the United States to Ethiopia, and we immediately realize that the way it is prepared and served differs enormously from one place to another.

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