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Through our Spanish Coffee Institute Foundation, we channel all projects around the world.
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Discover Colombian Huila and its coffee with us

Mare Terra Coffee has designed another 10-day coffee trip to Colombia which will let you discover the best coffees of the magical region of Huila, meet Colombian coffee producers, visit different farm...

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Danilo Pérez, a farmer from Huila

Danilo Pérez is the third generation of a family of coffee producers in Huila, Colombia. He manages 5 farms and a processing station, leading implementation of a new approach to coffee farming and qua...

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Kyril Lebedev, Belarus Brewers Cup Champion

Kyril Lebedev is the roaster behind Knot Coffee Roasters and the current Belarus Belarus Brewers Cup champion. He is currently in Boston, but last week he stopped by our offices for a visit. We discus...

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The Young Farmers of Huila

A delicious cup of Colombian coffee which we are drinking now ... could be missed and never delivered to us. Colombian Farmers usually do not receive decent money for this type of coffee, rather on th...

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