Our green coffee processes

Green coffee processes: Traditional, modern and signature recipe

Our processes

At Mare Terra Coffee, in addition to working with traditional processes in the preparation of our coffees, we develop our own processes in the countries of origin together with the coffee growers.
Our R&D team travels to coffee producing countries to work with producers to apply new techniques in the production of green coffee. These improvements are applied in the facilities of the Farms or the Mills, in techniques for improving coffee crops and other variables.
After visiting the origins, our team continues to follow up and carry out exhaustive production controls until the batches of green coffee are prepared for export.

The same coffee cherry, from the same coffee tree but processed with a different method, can have a different flavor in the final cup.

These are the processes with which
we work with at Mare terra Coffee:

Immerse yourself in the Green Coffee Tradition

These processes have been used for decades and are passed down from generation to generation. The main task of the producer is to obtain the usual final product, minimizing the risks and resources used. Its structure is conditioned by a combination of Theresult is a coffee developed through creativity, experimentation and knowledge.

Explore the Cutting-Edge Processes of Green Coffee

Modern recipes processes are relatively recent in coffee production, the objective of these processes is to create special flavor profiles or to significantly improve the profitability and quality of traditional processes.

Innovation and Avant-Garde: The Green Coffee Authoring Processes

Authoring processes are innovative processes based on the ideas and concepts of a particular specialist. These processes are unique and have their own style, each step is verified by its author. to achieve a special flavor through techniques, products and combinations that have not been used before.
The result is a coffee developed through creativity, experimentation and knowledge.

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