The monsoon coffee

Elemento gráfico café de origen India

Information about the production of coffee in India

Main producing regions
Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu
Most cultivated varieties
Cauvery, Kents, S.795, and Sln.9
Traditional processing method
December to March
Annual export -60kg bags-
5,8 million bags approx.
Beginning of coffee cultivation
19th century
All year round
700 - 2.000 m.a.s.l
Vista de una plantación de café en India

Origin of green coffee

India is a country located in South Asia with a population of 1,366 million inhabitants, an area of 3.28 million km², and is one of the largest countries on the planet. India occupies the 8th position as a coffee producing country, with 40% of its production being of the Arabica species and 60% of the Robusta species. Coffeeproduction generates around 250,000 jobs in its 13 coffee growing regions.

The country is located near the equator and in the tropical zone, which is why it has diverse biotopes and three very different ecosystems: tropical, dry and humid forests, along with deserts and subtropical savannahs. The soils where coffee is grown in India are well oxygenated so that the rain of the regions filters properly and favors an organic crop. India benefits from a tropical climate all year round with temperatures between 23º and 28ºC, depending on its regions the climate may vary. Climatic conditions such as monsoon rains favor the cultivation of coffee, as they help to achieve the necessary humidity between 70% and 90%, these conditions make the plantations flourish in large quantities.

India is oriented towards the future, seeking to optimize the connection of buyers with coffee growers, respecting traceability and aiming to improve the conditions of coffee and the quality of life of coffee growers and their families.



Selección de café en Kerala, India

The coffee growing region of Kerala has 29 coffee growing districts with a population of 34.63 million inhabitants and an area of 38,863 km². These districts are home to 34.63 million inhabitants and cover an area of 38,863 km². These districts are home to some 17,500 hectares of Robusta and Arabica coffee of the Kent, S795, Cauvery and SLN9 varietals, is the second largest coffee-growing region in the country.

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