Our Partner Network

Building strategic alliances for success

We are proud to have a diverse and solid network of partners who share our passion for coffee and desire to promote excellence in the sector. Each of our partners brings unique value to our community and helps us deliver unique experiences in our training center.


Espresso machine

Since 1975 they have been manufacturing coffee machines in Barcelona with a great spirit of improvement and always looking for the best technological innovations.

Quo Servis

Water filters

Experts in water treatment. Installation and maintenance of water filtration systems for professional and domestic use.


Espresso machine

Marzocco was created in Florence in 1927 and is a brand known worldwide for the creation of high quality machines and impeccable design.


Espresso machine

For Coffee Lovers is their motto and inspires their work philosophy. Ascaso manufactures and designs its machines in Barcelona.


Espresso machine

Rocket espresso produces coffee machines manufactured with meticulous care and great attention to detail.


Espresso machine

Manufacturers since 1977 in Portugal, a brand that combines tradition with the search for improvements in the manufacture of espresso machines.

Dalla Corte

Espresso machine

Dalla Corte is a family-owned company of high quality espresso machines and grinders for baristas and restaurants.


Home espresso machine

De'Longhi works with passion, research and engineering to keep improving its domestic coffee brewing products.


Coffee grinder

The quality of Compak mills is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process that includes a handcrafted assembly of the equipment, using raw materials such as steel and aluminum of the highest quality.

Caffè d'Autore

Coffee grinder

Mazzer distributor that has been manufacturing high-end coffee grinders since 1948 in its factory in Venice, Italy with strict safety controls.

Complementos del Café

Barista Material

Wholesale of barista equipment for coffee shops or restaurants related to coffee.

W. Wright

Cupping spoons

Manufacturers of luxury cutlery for the hospitality industry, among which its tasting spoons of reputed quality stand out.

Granja Cal Porta


Small family business founded in 1939 in the city of Manresa. Managed by the third generation that continues with the same mission as the first day: to provide top quality fresh milk.

Yo Soy

Vegetable Beverages

100% vegetable drinks with natural and organic ingredients that are part of a healthy and sustainable diet.


Barista Material

International distributor of the best brands of manual coffee processing methods.