Blue coffees blown by hundreds of trade winds

Elemento gráfico café de origen Jamaica

Information about the production of coffee in Jamaica

Main producing regions
Saint Andrew and Saint Thomas
Most cultivated varieties
Traditional processing method
January to April
Annual export -60kg bags-
500 thousand kilos
Beginning of coffee cultivation
18th century
April to June
600 - 2.000 m.a.s.l
Plantación de café en Jamaica

Origin of green coffee

Jamaica is part of the Greater Antilles, has an area of 10,992 km² and is home to 2.95 million inhabitants, with a topography ofañosterrain where the country’s most important peak is located, giving its name to its coffee: the Blue Mountain Peak. The territory is surrounded by the coast and its interior is made up of tropical rainforests and swamps. The island has three generalized ecosystems: aquatic, marine and terrestrial. In the terrestrial ones we find humid and dry forests along with caves, rivers and wetlands, all ecosystems are home to fauna and flora.
Coffee crops in Jamaica are nourished by fertile volcanic soils, which are rich and porous, so they drain well and facilitate coffee harvests.
Jamaica is a tropical country, warm and humid, often favored by the trade winds, in the mountainous areas rainfall is abundant and temperatures average 5º C, which make up the ideal situation for the cultivation of green coffee.
Coffee is grown in four coffee growing regions in the country, and employs more than 20,000 people, 100% of its production is of the Arabica species, Jamaica has a future of knowledge and development in coffee growing.


Saint Andrew

Plantación de café en

The coffee growing region of St. Andrew has 4 coffee growing districts with a population of 573,369 inhabitants and a surface area of 455 km². With a population of 573,369 inhabitants and a surface area of 455 km², these districts are home to more than 3,000 families that cultivate approximately 2,500 hectares of coffee. St. Andrew is the second largest coffee growing region in the country.

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