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European Regulation for Combating Deforestation – EUDR-

April 25, 2024
The coffee industry faces significant challenges due to deforestation and forest degradation, which threaten the ecosystems vital for Coffee cultivation. The EUDR Regulation seeks to protect these Natural environments by establishing rigorous standards for the production, commercialization and export of Coffee in the European Union.

Our visit to the Coffee Fest with Giesen Coffee Roasters

February 23, 2024
We would like to thank all the roasters who participated and the judges who proclaimed Mayar González of Hidden Coffee Roasters, Luís Ángel González of Puyaos Coffee and Teodora Pitis of Sloane Coffee as winners,

Green coffee workshops and lectures in Saudi Arabia

February 16, 2024
Mare Terras embarks on a trip to Saudi Arabia with our new friends from Kofeo to conduct a series of workshops on Coffee.

Roast Rumble, the first Alternative Roasting Championship in Spain

February 9, 2024
The Roast Rumble will take place at the Coffeefest in Madrid. A roasting championship in which a team of judges will select the best cup.

Our visit to the Dubai World of Coffee 2024

February 1, 2024
Mare Terra Coffee travels to the World of Coffee in Dubai with our friends from IRM Coffee Roasting to meet friends from all over the world.

Let’s talk about RWANDA

January 26, 2024
We offer you in detail all the information you need to know about the origin of Green coffee RWANDA and all it has to offer.

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