Breast Cancer Prevention Project

Breast Cancer Prevention Project In Rwanda

At Mare Terra Coffee we are committed to carry out different social projects. Through “responsible coffee”, we develop different cooperation projects in different rural coffee-growing areas.

For us there is nothing more important than supporting our allies, the producers.

They are the responsible ones for our passion for this world

Rwanda faces the future by progressively improving the national economy and creating a solid society that advances to obtain the best results in its coffee. This is possible thanks to the intervention of cooperatives that regulate production and help the quality of life of coffee growers, giving way to the notoriety of women and their rights in the labor activity. Today coffee is the livelihood of many families dedicated to its cultivation.

Estación de lavado en Ruanda donde MTC desarrolla el proyecto para la prevención del cáncer de mama_1
Proyecto de prevención contra el cáncer de la estación de lavado Fugi en Ruanda_1

Holding Educational Workshops conducted by health experts in Rwanda for Early Detection of breast cancer through breast self-examination.

To whom it is addressed

Women coffee growers and collectors attached to the washing station in the Fugi region.


It will be carried out by health professionals in the regions and all managed from the country of origin through Baho Coffee.


Through donations from Mare Terra Coffee and Baho coffee with the sale of each kilo of Rwandan coffee.

Mare Terra Coffee x Baho Coffee

Mare Terras Coffee together with Baho Coffee, our partner in RWANDA, have developed ‘Breast Cancer Prevention’, a project for the detection and prevention of breast cancer. Together we offer you the opportunity to be part of this project and what better way to do it than through their coffees. Baho Coffe is a family business run by its owner Emmanuel Rusatira. Emmanuel works with over 16,000 coffee farmers and is the owner of 11 Washed Stations in Rwanda where they receive coffee cherries from smallholder farmers and cooperatives and process them into Green coffee ready for export.

Equipo de baho coffee en Ruanda

What does the Project consist of?

The ‘Brest cancer project’ focuses on engaging the coffee community about the importance of early diagnosis for breast cancer screening in Rwanda. Through educational talks in different Baho Coffee Washed stations where our Coffee lots are produced, developed through Traditional Processes and Vanguard Processes. These workshops are conducted by sanitary experts who inform women and men who are part of the Washed stations.

Project phases

2023 Phase I

“In spring our team traveled to RWANDA together with Baho Coffee to carry out the first objective of the project. Washed station in Fugi Coffee District: Kizi Rift Coffee region: Nyaruguru

  • Seminar and training lecture by Dr. Nasson Nduwamungu.
  • Assistance from more than 150 community members involved in the production of coffee lots from the Fugi Washed station, where our Green coffee lots are produced: Segin.”

2024 Phase II

“The project will continue to move forward, with a new trip to RWANDA organized by Mare Terras Coffee and which our customers will be able to attend, and these will be some of our objectives:

  • Expansion of training seminars and lectures at all Washed stations in the Kizi Rift region, where our Green coffee batches are produced: Caph, Cih and Schedar.
  • Follow-up at the Fugi Washed station for the 2023 participants.
  • Development of tools to be delivered at seminars.
  • Increase in batch production in the annual purchase quantity – approx.18 thousand kg-. “

May 2023: The first action has been a success

Dr. Nasson Nduwamungu – Responsible for the educational session in Fugi

”Early detection of breast cancer is the key to saving lives and protecting the community. But to achieve this, it is important to understand the disease and educate ourselves to mitigate the risks. Through seminars like this, self-examination and increased access to healthcare facilities we can protect our communities.”

Our project in 2023

+15 thousand Kilos


+ 74

+ 150

Acciones durante el proyecto contra el cancer de Mama desarrollado en Ruanda_2

How can you collaborate in this project?

  • Through donations from Mare Terra and Baho Coffee with the sales of each kilo of green coffee.
  • For every kilo of Green coffee you buy from any of our lots in Rwanda, 0,10 € will be donated to the project.
  • Through donations.
  • Traveling to RWANDA with MTC and collaborating in the development of the project.

Images of the project development

Our solidarity coffees from Rwanda

Thanks to all of you who collaborate in the project!

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