Barcelona 2024

25-26 Oct.

The Open de Cata is back!

New dates for 2024

The new edition of the Open de Cata will take place in Castelldefels, Barcelona on 25th and 26th October 2024.

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In this new edition of the open de cata, we are extending our prizes!
We distributed a total of 20,000 €.


1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


4th Prize

A unique and different cupping championship

The best coffee tasters will be in Barcelona

The Open de Cata is a unique and different championship that combines the modalities of free tasting, sensory memory and triangulation, consolidating itself as a prestigious championship at international level due to the difficulty of the tests, the prizes and the quality of the participants.

We will bring together in Barcelona, the best coffee tasters in the world, among which are world-renowned professionals in the field of coffee cupping.

Competition with a taste of coffee and a sea view

The best scenario for a coffee competition

The new edition of the Open de Cata will take place in Castelldefels, a very well connected town in Barcelona, just 25 minutes from Barcelona and 12 minutes from El Prat Airport. Castelldefels has a wide gastronomic offer, family tourism, sports and for friends with a great beach for walking and the Garraf Park, a unique enclave, where routes and activities are organized to enjoy the good weather of the Mediterranean. The Championship will take place at the Gran Hotel Rey Don Jaime, which is located 1 km from the beach, with panoramic views of the sea and Barcelona in the background that will help participants to relax and attendees to enjoy the competition. So that the competition is not so hard and you can prepare yourself well, we will help you and organize your stay. We have prepared some packs that can help you, we leave them here.

Pre Open de Cata

National Championships direct to the Open de Cata

From June to October we will organize different competitions that will be Pre Open de Cata, these competitions will not only help you to calibrate and prepare yourself but will also make you taste coffees at the Open de Cata level. The winners of the Pre Open de Cata will get their ticket to the Open de Cata 2024, which will be held in October in Barcelona. Do you want to organize the Pre Open de Cata in your city? contact us!

Do you want to organize the Pre Open de Cata in your city? Contact us!

What does the Open de Cata consist of?

Qualification to the final
Sensory Memory - 8 coffees

The first step of this round is for all participants to taste for 20 minutes 8 coffees from Brazil, Central America, Africa and Asia with information on the country of origin, farm, variety and process. During this time, they have to taste the coffees and memorize the unique characteristics of each batch.

Once all the participants have completed the previous step and written down their notes we move on to the next part in which they will taste the 8 coffees and have to remember the taste of each cup. 8 coffees and they have to remember the Flavour of each cup.The participants will then place the cups in the place marked for each Coffee according to what they believe each one to be (the notes made in the previous step can be used).
The 8 participants who get the most coffees right go to the final.

The Final consists of two parts:
Sensory Memory - 6 Coffees

This phase of the championship has the same protocol as Part One but this time with coffees representing only two countries, a total of 6 coffees. only two countries, a total of 6 coffees. In front of the participants 6 thermoses prepared in filter will be placed and they will have 20 minutes to taste the coffees. During this time they have to test, describe and memorize the unique characteristics of each batch.

After the 20 minutes, rounds of 4 participants will be organized and the 6 coffees will be tasted, this time without the name marked, now the participants have to taste the flavor and place the cups as they think each cup corresponds. taste the flavor and place the cups according to what they think corresponds to each cup..


This part of the championship has the same rules as the World Cup Tasters Championship .same regulations as the World Cup Tasters Championship.The difference is that the participants have 6 minutes and 6 triangulations to taste. Inside each triangle there are two cups with the same coffee and one cup with different coffee. During these 6 minutes the tasters must find the distinct cup and set it apart from the rest.

For each correct cup the competitor will have one point and if there is a tie between several people, priority will be given to the person who has tasted the cup in the shortest time..

Here you can download the complete protocol of the Open de Cata:

Prepare, train and
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Registration fee: 270€ (tax incl.)

This is how our Open de Cata 2023 went

Open de Cata 2023: An International Meeting of Coffee Experts

The 2023 edition of the Open de Cata took place in conjunction with our corporate event Encuentros Cafeteros on 19, 20 and 21 October in Castelldefels, Barcelona.

The Open de Cata started on Friday with a total of 24 participants, coming from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Germany, Holland, Ireland, France, Ethiopia and Spain.

De todos estos participantes tan sólo quedaron 8 finalistas que pasaron a competir por los premios el sábado 21, los 4 ganadores consiguieron los mismos puntos para la final, lo que determinó la clasificación fue el tiempo.

These are the winners of the Open de Cata 2023:


Gabriel Céspedes




Ilya Bychek


Ilya Khlyzoff

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