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Estela Lopez

Estela Lopez

July 1, 2022

Natural roast Café

What is roasted coffee?

Torrefacto is the “coffee” obtained when sugar is added to the coffee beans during the roasting process. During this process, high temperatures are reached, which is why the sugar caramelizes, enveloping the coffee bean, creating a very dark and shiny film, obtaining the characteristic black color of roasted coffee.

Thus, a dark beverage with a very bitter taste is obtained, with the false belief that this is a more intense and consistent coffee, being the effect of the burnt sugar the one that masks the true aromas and flavors of the coffee.

Roasted coffees are usually elaborated with the robusta variety, of poorer quality and not very digestive, which results in a dense coffee with a bitter finish, and with twice as much caffeine as arabica coffee, which is more aromatic, smooth on the palate and digestive.

Numerous studies link the consumption of roasted coffee with health-related problems.The high concentration of sugar, and the “burning” is not free for our health, and is not recommended not only for diabetics (because of the high amounts of sugar in the roasting process and also because of the fact of adding even more sugar in the cup to mask the bitter and strong flavor). Therefore, due to its dubious health benefits, research continues to check for possible carcinogenic properties.

Betting on natural roast coffee

Natural coffee, not being adulterated with any additives,has all its sensory and organoleptic qualities intact. This is why it is a much healthier coffee, with a greater number of benefits and nutritional properties.

There is a widevariety of flavors and sensations within a good cup of coffee, but we should bet on quality Arabica coffee with 100% natural roasting, which means that the beans have been roasted alone by means of heat.

Coffees hide a great variety of nuances, both in aroma and flavor. But what we should not find in a good coffee are bitter flavors, but rather sweet or floral, and even citric. The flavor has to be to our taste, but with pleasant attributes that invite us to repeat.



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