Coffeeae Tribe Infographics

Tribe Coffeeae

Drinking a cup of coffee is the “miracle” resulting from a work of millions of años that nature offers us. We have infographed a “sequence” of this “gift” because we understand that it highlights the exceptional value of having this beverage, as well as the importance of the entire coffee chain offering the consumer a cup of coffee and giving nature the recognition that it surely deserves for this present.

Taxonomically to arrive at the Tribe Coffeeae

Taxonomy to arrive at the
Tribe Coffeeae
is long and evolving, discussing, from its beginnings, the
two from the year 1929 to the year 2009,
three since this year, 2009, also its designation of

By way of summary, these are the levels to follow to reach the
Coffeeae Tribe
Domain / Subdomain / Infradomain / Kingdom / Subkingdom / Infrarhyndomain Superphylum / Phylum / Subphylum / Infraphylum / Superclass / Class / Subclass / Subclass / Infraclass / Magnorder / Superorder / Grandorder / Mirorder / Order / Suborder / Infraorder / Parvorder / Superfamily / Family / Subfamily / Tribe, to visualize it we would need another infographic that is not the one we are dealing with today.

Contextualizing Infographics

The last two taxonomic levels allow us to contextualize the Coffeeae Tribe in an environment to understand its dimension.

Tribe Coffeeae
belongs to the family of
a Family with approximately 700 Genera and 10,000 species of which 309 species and 11 genera are those of the
Tribe Coffeeae
which we have visualized in our infographic.

This Family is made up of four subfamilies,
Antirheoideae / Cinchonoideae / Rubioideae / Ixoroideae

to which is ascribed the
Tribe Coffeeae
is the one we are concerned with in this infographic.

In the subfamily Ixoroidae our Infographics Tribe “coexists” with 26 other Tribes, in alphabetical order: Airospermeae / Alberteae / Aleisanthieae / Augusteae / Bertiereae / Coffeeae / Condamineeae / Cordiereae / Crossopterygeae / Gardenieae / Greeneeae / Henriquezieae / Ixoreae / Jackieae / Mussaendeae / Octotropideae / Pavetteae / Posoquerieae / Retiniphylleae / Sabiceeae / Scyphiphoreae / Sherbournieae / Sipaneeae / Steenisieae / Trailliaedoxeae / Vanguerieae

How we validated the data in the Infographic

To validate the data of the Infographic we have used the database of WCSP (World Checklist of Selected Plant families). It should be noted that this international collaborative program uses peer review and we have relied on the current review update as of July 2020.

WCSPis also part of the IPNI (International Plant Names Index) and The Plant Lista www project with the Missouri Botanical Garden.

We have considered neither synonyms nor pending acceptance. Contextually, for the genus coffea alone there are 125 accepted species, which you will find in the infographic, 24 pending resolution and 251 that have been qualified as synonyms after peer review.

How we have structured the infographic

We have structured the infographic according to the taxonomy, Tribe / Genus / Species and we have geolocated it to measure the scope of each of the Genus, also to highlight the supremacy of Africa, sorry, to question it, there are Genus, four and their species (45), who do not know Africa, they have never been there, or have they?

If curiosity, need, interest, or any other reason, awakens in you the desire to know more about any of the 309 infographic species, just put two words together and put your online search engine to work Genus + Species (e.g. Coffea arabica).

6 species among 9 billion species

Nine billion species is the approximate number considered to make up the diversity of our planet. The infographic lists 11 genera and 309 species, to date only one genus, coffeaThe coffee plant, with 125 species and of which only 6 give us cherries that contain seeds that, when processed, roasted and infused, result in a cup of coffee. Two species are predominant:

Coffea arabica y Coffea canephoraand two others with a very limited presence in coffee cups: Coffea liberica y Coffea racemosaThe 6 exceptions, as a genetic backup, complete the list for the moment (there is already coffee roasted and ready to be tasted from one of them), Coffea eugenioides y Coffea stenophylla

Varietals and hybrids

This infographic is an intermediate page, we have started explaining where we have placed it, taxonomically speaking, and to finish saying where we have stopped: in the species, from them opens a no lesser group, with greater controversy and instability if possible, which are the varietals of each species, only of coffea arabica more than 100 qualified and accepted (we believe that countless without validation criteria), here we should add hybridizations (From F1 to F7 until today) many in stages of development, some other infographic we will have to work, but for now we share this one hoping that it will serve to convince you that drinking a cup of coffee is, first of all, an extraordinary gift of nature.