Coffee cherry infusion

Estela Lopez

Estela Lopez

July 13, 2022

Coffee cherry husk

Learn about the uses and benefits of coffee husks

The coffee cherry (fruit that contains the characteristic coffee bean inside) has been classified over time as a product considered as waste, being sometimes used by producers as compost or natural fertilizer. sometimes used by producers as compost or natural fertilizer..

This product is processed by means of a rigorous control systemThe dehydration in African beds over a period of 16-18 days is the key to the final result. Without any chemical additives, being an organic product by natureThe quality, humidity, color, texture and above all its sensory profile are constantly monitored.

This meticulous process makes the cherry an infusion with natural with natural contents of carbohydrates, proteins, tannins, minerals, potassium, sugars and chlorogenic acid.. With a total percentage of caffeine between 0.58-0.68%, makes it amakes it an energetic, antioxidant and diuretic antioxidant and diuretic drink.

With respect to its organoleptic description, we can indicate that it has a fresh aromawith notes of ripe red fruits, y soft acidity and raisins, notes of cinnamon and bergamot, resulting in a pleasant, elegant and balanced drink.

This productstill very unknown in Spain, is consumed infusedwith a water temperature between 90º and 92º C.being the infusion time is approximately 2-3 minutes. approximately.

The coffee cherry is the result of more than three años of research and development, together with the efforts of close relationships with our collaborators in countries of origin such as Honduras. We have succeeded in transforming a coffee by-product into a sustainable product.which is being very well received by consumers around the world, improving not only environmental conditions in plantationsbut also the quality of life and the income level of small producers, increasing their profitability and productivity.

It is estimated that coffee producing companies generate more than 2,000 million tons of these by-products per year.. It is for this reason that Since the Iecafé Foundation, numerous studies have been carried out with the objective of giving them an alternative use.The Iecafé Foundation has reached the conclusion that the remains and by-products of coffee can be reused in different ways to elaborate functional foods with beneficial properties for health.

In recent años, after the awakening of the awakening of the coffee culture in our country, and specifically of specialty coffeeand of specialty coffee in particular, this unknown product is acquiring more and more notoriety among coffee aficionados and lovers.

The final product is a tribute to our employees and their families!



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