Mare Terra Coffee is certified with IFS Broker!

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Haybrig Perdomo

April 27, 2023

IFS Certificate  In Mare Terra Coffee, S.L. we have set as our primary objective to guarantee the quality and food safety of the coffee we import, distribute and market with the highest degree of excellence in the provision of our business services.

For this reason, last August 25 our company voluntarily underwent an audit in which it was verified that we comply with all the requirements demanded by the IFS Broker v3.1, 2021 standard. in the area of food safety. This standard guarantees our commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality of our coffees, procedures, suppliers and customer satisfaction.

What does IFS Broker mean?


IFS (International Featured Standards), are international quality standards approved and recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), as a business-driven initiative for the continuous improvement of food safety management systems, are focused on ensuring safe food to consumers around the world.

In Mare Terra Coffee we are happy for this certification thatsupports our commitment to offer the best product and the best service, always committed to quality and food safety to generate greater confidence among our customers, thus seeking to improve their level of satisfaction.


Haybrig Perdomo

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