Visit of MBA University of Texas students

Conveying knowledge: we explain the business structure of Mare Terra Coffee, the current situation of the sector and the new trends in speciality coffee.

Students fromthe University of Texas, located in the city of Austin, visited us as part of their educational trip as part of the Master Business Administration. On 2 June, on their first day visiting different companies in Barcelona, the students visited the facilities of Mare Terra Coffee in a presentation aimed at explaining the corporate structure of the corporation and how the different business units of our company work. The experience prepared for these 33 students consisted of a presentation, a visit to our offices in the RDIT building of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, where our training room and our laboratory certified by the Specialty Coffee Association are located, a visit to our warehouse to learn about the optimal conditions for the conservation of coffee and a tasting of 5 coffees of different origins and characteristics to introduce them to the world of specialty coffee and identify new organoleptic sensations.

El grupo de la Universidad de Texas liderado por el Jefe del departamento de Marketing, Andrew Gershoff was very interested in the new trends in the specialty coffee world and how the Spanish coffee market is doing after the pandemic. Our colleague Giovanna Rocha, Q Grader and Director of the Purchasing Department answered all the questions and curiosities of the students.

Thank you very much for your visit!