Tonic Coffee Recipe

Tonic Coffee

Tonic Coffee

This combination has begun to form part of many coffee shop menus in the summer months as a refreshing drink. The tonic coffee attracts the attention of all those who are looking for novelties in coffee and let themselves be carried away by new flavors and experiences.

To prepare this drink, we will choose a light roast coffee infused with a filter method, our recommendation is cold brew.

Once we have prepared our infused coffee we add two or three ice cubes, preferably coffee cubes to enhance the flavor, add the tonic filling ¾ of the container.

Then, add ¼ of the cold coffee slowly, so that it respects the color division between the beverages. In this case, it would be advisable to use a coffee that stands out in citric notes, so that when combined with the tonic these characteristics are enhanced.
Before mixing the two ingredients it is important to check that the taste of both is correct so as not to distort the drink.

To present the coffee tonic, a slice of lime or a mint leaf is usually added to the surface of the glass.

The result on the palate is surprising, due to the sensation of drinking such a refreshing coffee beverage and its particular flavor that does not leave indifferent the daring ones in the world of coffee.